• Jacqueline Zwiebel

5 Resons to choose Mediation

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

1.Mediation is affordable.

Mediation is vastly less expensive than a typical lawsuit. Employing a mediator costs significantly less than employing a lawyer, and combined with the much quicker turnaround, you'll be paying less money over a shorter period of time.

2. Mediation is confidential.

Unlike court cases, which are public, mediation is typically confidential, which means there are no records or transcripts and any evidence introduced during mediation cannot be used later or revealed. This reason alone can be a great reason to use mediation rather than file a lawsuit

3. Mediation saves time and money.

Mediation works best when used early in a conflict, and many mediations are completed in one meeting.

4. Mediation allows personalized solutions.

An impartial third party assists the parties in conflict to reach a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation can resolve all issues important to the parties, not just the underlying legal dispute.

5. Mediation identifies underlying issues.

Parties share information, which can lead to a better understanding of issues affecting the relationship.

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